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Each year more than 1,000,000 Americans file for protection under the federal bankruptcy laws, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. Some are credit abusers or are financially irresponsible. But average working families who try to pay all of their bills can find themselves in financial trouble, too. The sudden loss of a job, medical bills, a divorce or even a natural disaster can quickly wipe out a life’s savings. For many, bankruptcy provides a second financial chance. Bankruptcy is usually used as a last resort, after other attempts to solve a financial crisis fail. Gold, Lange & Majoros is a debt relief agency and, among other services, provides legal assistance to people and businesses seeking relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Call our attorneys to find out if you really need to file bankruptcy, or if an agreement can be reached with your creditors. If you need effective, efficient legal representation in Michigan, we will help you attain a fresh financial start. Please┬ácontact us today at 248-350-8220.

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