James C. McNiece Jr

803 Harkrider, Ste. 4
Conway, AR

Phone: (501) 327-2808


I came up with the slogan “The Local Solution” because of my frustrations with commercials from large, national tax companies. These commercials seem to promise viewers that all they have to do is call a number and the IRS will magically stop trying to get their money and all their tax problems will be settled for pennies on the dollar. I have represented many clients who used a national service first and were extremely unsatisfied. I offer many tax related services, but tax collection issues are a large part of my practice. I think most people prefer a local professional over the service most of these national companies provide. Therefore, I want people around Central Arkansas to know that McNiece Law, PLLC, is The Local Solution for their tax problems.

Is this information incorrect?

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