Bloomfield Hills

The Donovan Law Group A Professional Limited Liability Company

Northpointe Plaza, 2525 S. Telegraph Road, Suite 100 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Phone: (877) 395-0138 Fax: (248) 656-5751 Is this information incorrect?

Strobl & Sharp, P.C.

300 E. Long Lake Road, Suite 200 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2376 Phone: (248) 686-2313 Fax: (248) 645-2690 Is this information incorrect?

Safford & Baker, PLLC

40900 Woodward Avenue, Suite 275 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Phone: (248) 646-9100 Fax: (248) 646-9102 Founded in 2000, Safford & Baker, PLLC is a business and commercial law firm of three attorneys, located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Safford & Baker, PLLC – A Professional Limited Liability Company, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, 40900 Woodward…

Rosenberger Law Group PLLC

4111 Andover Road, Suite 100 West Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Phone: (248) 723-7001 Fax: (248) 723-7002 A WebsiteBuilder Website Is this information incorrect?

Plunkett Cooney

38505 Woodward Avenue, Suite 2000 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Phone: (248) 901-4000 Plunkett Cooney is a law firm with offices throughout Michigan and in Ohio, practicing litigation, corporate, appellate, commercial litigation, insurance law, construction, environmental, medical liability, municipal, administrative and regulatory, real estate, banking and finance, healthcare, and immigration. Is this information incorrect?

Monaghan, P.C.

Governor’s Place, 33 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 260 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2649 Phone: (248) 642-5770 Fax: (248) 642-9460 At Monaghan P.C., in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, our attorneys focus on the best interests of our clients so that we obtain the best results for our clients. We take pride in offering skilled legal counsel so that…


3910 Telegraph Road, Suite 200 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-1461 Phone: (248) 646-7980 Fax: (248) 646-7989 Call Attorney Michael A. Robbins for any Michigan family law matter, including divorce, child custody and property division. Contact his Bloomfield Hills, MI, law office at (248) 646-7980. Is this information incorrect?

McDonald Hopkins LLC

39533 Woodward Avenue, Suite 318 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Phone: (248) 646-5070 Fax: (248) 646-5075 For more than 80 years, McDonald Hopkins Law Firm has been actively engaged in the business and financial issues facing companies across a multitude of industries Is this information incorrect?

May, Simpson & Strote, P.C.

100 West Long Lake Road, Suite 200 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2774 Phone: (248) 686-1809 Fax: (248) 646-4648 Is this information incorrect?

Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer & Garin, P.C.

3910 Telegraph Road, Suite 200 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 Phone: (248) 593-5000 Fax: (248) 593-5040 Is this information incorrect?