Schrader Byrd & Companion, PLLC

The Maxwell Centre, 32-20th Street, Suite 500
Wheeling, WV

Phone: (304) 233-3390
Fax: (304) 233-2769

Schrader, Byrd & Companion, PLLC, has a distinguished history of providing exceptional legal services for almost a century to clients in litigation, labor and employment, bankruptcy, real estate, estate planning, and other practice areas. We provide skilled legal services and representation in a cost-effective and efficient manner for individuals and businesses alike. The firm represents plaintiffs and defendants, buyers and sellers, debtors and creditors, lenders and borrowers, and testators and heirs. Our diverse client base includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, steelworkers, and the indigent. The firm also serves as local counsel for some of the worldÂ’s most prominent law firms.

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