Law Offices of Simon W. Johnson

Hoyt Block, Suite 300, 700 W. St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH

Phone: (866) 609-9612
Fax: (440) 448-5015

At the Law Office of Simon W. Johnson, I am eager to assist you in all of your legal matters and will provide you with the utmost attention and zealous advocacy that you deserve.  It is important to remember that there are positive legal experiences just as there are negative ones.  My job is to be there for you during the good and the bad.  I will always keep an open ear and an open mind to your aspirations and hopes as well as your fears and worries. I will fight your fight and facilitate the best result I can obtain for you!  I will fight for what you want!At the Law Office of Simon W. Johnson, I handle a wide variety of legal issues dealing with family law, estate planning, personal injury and other legal issues.

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